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a google spokes woman said employees have access to information but declined to tell the center for investigative reporting whether or not the employees were warned of any health risks. you can read the full cir report on our website. just go to >> thank you. i'm sure this investigation will continue. if you have a tip give us a call at 888-996-tips or sent an e-mail to the score one for the niners. today a judge ruled that local officials were wrong last year to yank $30 million in tax funds from the team's new stadium. santa clara schools argue they needed the money. the judge ruled that voters and city officials had specifically ear marked the funds for a new
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stadium and an outside group had no legal right to take the money away. a gloomy night after much needed rain. rain is not going to last too long. >> it is already starting to push off to the south. we are noting areas of drizzle off the san francisco peninsula and down to about palo alto where we can expect wet roadways from san jose to san francisco. can't rule out a bit of drizzle back for oakland. two things we are watching. the first one is colder weather as head into tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping to the 30s up into the north bay. and the other thing that we are monitoring is a weekend forecast. going to be changing. we will talk about the warm weather and how high the temperatures will go coming up in the full forecast. estimated 9,000 people in san jose are affiliated with a gang and one of them may be responsible for the city's latest shooting, a teenager shot on the east sietd. the san jose community is getting creative on how to stop
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this rising violence. among the ideas, a change of clothing. kris sanchez joins us with ideas that other cities could possibly use. >> reporter: hi, there. for the last two years san jose police say that the number of gang homicides have accounted for about half of all of the homicides in the city of san jose. a crime prevention and a gang prevention expert says that is only half of the story. all quiet near fischer middle school now. just before 8:00 last night a teenager was wounded in a drive by shooting which police say may be gang related. the metro unit is targeting gang crime with 40 officers including 32 on patrol. add to that additional gang suppression units. sjpd has identified more than 9,000 gang members. in the area where santa clara
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county estimates one in four house holds has some affiliation with gangs. >> it is a type of war. >> reporter: founded east side heroes and now runs the county's corazon project. his team will go to the the community to encourage folks to turn in their gang colors. >> we are forming the willingness for them to turn in their rags and it is a risk now. >> reporter: santa clara county is ponying up $150,000 for the buyback and color turn in. >> you have to change it from the inside. it starts with the hearts and the minds of the young people that will with assume leadership in the neighborhood. are they leaders for the good or for the violent? >> reporter: the gun buyback and the gang color turn in is
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planned this saturday afternoon. the organizers say it is a family friendly event with the resource fair and also a peace walk that will kick off in the morning. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. an armed standoff put an east bay neighborhood on alert. vallejo police and the suspect exchanged fire. officers threw gas grenades into the home and moved into the house with an armored vehicle crashing through the fence in the front yard. the condition of the suspect is not yet known. change how they get raises and give immediate superiors more power to hire and fire teachers, some of the recommendations being made to improve the oakland school district. nbc bay area jodi hernandez joins us. not everyone is thrilled with the suggestions. >> reporter: less than thrilled is right. a lot of teachers are very upset
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about what is contained inside this report but others say more must be done to make sure oakland's children are getting quality teachers in their classrooms. >> someone has taken all our things. >> i think that teachers are working as hard as they can right now. there is not much else we can do to make them work harder, to force them to work harder. >> reporter: a new study that looks at teacher performance aims to do just that. the national council on teacher quality has released a controversial study recommending some sweeping changes. >> we need to figure out a way to pay teachers who are highly effective who are your superstars and pay them a higher salary. >> reporter: kate walsh is one of the staetd's authors. she says oakland needs high compensation for student performance and give principals
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the power to hire and fire. >> if you want schools to be well run you have to put people in charge of those buildings who are capable of running them well and give them the freedom to decide who it is that teaches in their building. >> we got away from that 100 years ago about the principal being the hirer and firer because they were firing the people that challenged them and they were hiring their best friends and relatives. >> reporter: the teacher's union is taking major issue with most of the study's suggestions including the assertiont that teachers get and use too many personal days. >> you are a person in a room with 30 children. is it a wonder that we get sick sometimes? not so much. >> we have rights for a reason. we have rights because we are on the front line. >> fifth grade and union vice president says oakland teachers already do the best they can with the student population
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grappling with poverty, violence and other challenges. >> i think the to motivate them to make them work harder and smarter. >> reporter: district officials say there is a lot of room for teachers to improve and now they have a road map to help get them there. reporting live in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> what does oakland's superintendent have to say about the troubles that his district is facing? tomorrow we sit down with an exclusive interview with him and talk about oakland's efforts to break away from california. the district has banded together to recover more than $100 million in federal funds that the state wasn't eligible for under no child left behind. those districts are taking matters into their own hands.
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will it work? we will find out. we will have the details for you tomorrow. the folk singer whose san francisco show was shut down after a gay slur is not apologizing. she called her remarks misinterpreted. she insisted she doesn't judge gay people but was pointing out how some people feel on the issue. san francisco jazz club said she spoke out. club managers cut her microphone and dimmed the lights. the rest of the singer's u.s. tour dates have since been cancelled. are the questions loaded? controversy connected to the boy scouts and its ban on gay members and why some people are upset over a new survey. and a piece of world history finds a permanent home in the south bay. an exclusive look inside the
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latest ipo. what today's offering could mean. starbucks new push that could land you free food and drinks. we are back in a moment.
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the latest red hot ipo put big money into the pockets of investors and employees. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here to show us what it is like to be inside a company as it goes public. >> many of us wonder what it is like to be inside a company as it trades for the first time. today we saw the latest ipo from the tech sector and the company going public let our camera inside. model n started by ringing the bell at the new york stock exchange. and at the company's red wood city head quarters employees cheered the progress of its
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rapidly rising stock price, a very good day for these guys. you get the feeling the champagne tasted a little better on a day when many of their stock options turned into real money. >> we have about 170 people. the impact that each and everyone of our employees make for us to achieve this milestone. i am very proud of our employees. >> and those employees doing well today. model n shared almost 30% higher than the initial ipo price. its performance bodes well for other companies set to go public soon. oracle has been public for a long time. today not a high point. the software giant's earning report came in lower than expected. shares dropped by about 8%. san francisco may soon tear down freeway to help tech
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companies rise up. sf mayor proposed a plan to build new office space along interstate 280. the city says new developments will help keep tech companies here in the bay area. mayor lee along with san jose mayor says thet battle over tech supremacy is not being fought between san francisco and san jose but rather between the bay area and places like texas. they agree keeping companies here is the key. >> thank you. everyone loves free stuff especially when it comes from starbucks. the world's biggest coffee chain is taking the loyalty card program to grocery stores. if you buy specially marked starbucks beans or coffee you can rack up points to earn free coffee. officials in san jose will have to turn over private text messages and e-mails about city
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business if the information is requested. the ruling made last week is in response to an activist lawsuit. the activist sued the city in 2009 over its refusal to disclose officials personal electronic communications. the attorney says the decision could be problematic on practical and privacy grounds. it is unclear whether or not san jose will appeal the decision. aclu is fighting to make sure texts and e-mails stay private. it would stop warrantless searches of cell phones after someone is arrested. cell phones contain as much information as an office and police shouldn't have access to phone numbers and conversations without good reason. it stemmed from a case when an officer read the text out loud in front of others. it is the first suit of its kind in the state. california's constitution has a strong guarantee of privacy and
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freedom. the woman behind the controversial ads posted is condemning city leaders for their public stand against the ads. the ads feature quotes from osama bin laden and others associating the words jihad with violent extremism. city leaders say it is unfair to characterize an entire religion as violent. where was the city when the propalestinian group ran its own hateful ads. >> i think the san francisco official reaction to our ads is obscene and absurd. they wouldn't condemn the hateful statements on the air even when specifically asked to do so. they are only condemning me for drawing attention to those statements as if this problem will go away if we ignore it.
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>> because of previous first amendment court rulings they must roll the ad. an early morning blaze is still under investigation tonight. this stubborn fire took hours to contain. the flames destroyed two homes. falling power lines made it hard for firefighters to bring the fire under control. from berlin to mountain view a piece of world history is about to get a bigger platform. two large pieces of the berlin wall will soon be in front of the library. they are currently at an office park. there are portions of the wall on display in other parts of the country but this is the only one in the bay area. no word on when the slabs will be moved. it was certainly gloomy outside but things are looking up if you like the sunshine. >> definitely as we head towards this weekend we will have
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warming changes. today the on shore flow with us and the cloud cover and the rain did help keep temperatures cooler. 63 for the high. warmer in the south bay with 68 in san jose and 72. what you do want to know if you are headed out from the south bay up to oakland and san francisco and traveling from the north bay across the golden gate bridge there will be areas of drizzle tonight mainly right near the bay. let's illustrate this picture here. you can see from emeryville it is what you cannot see. that is san francisco skyline shrouded in the cloud cover and completely fogged in at this hour. so we are looking at that drizzle and slick roadways. it will change quickly if you are headed up to the northern peninsula. tomorrow morning we are going to find ground fog developing down near san jose that may produce drizzle for the morning commute. as we head throughout the morning hours it will gradually and slowly start to push out and
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eventually by the afternoon on thursday we will get sunshine in here and temperatures will also go a little bit warmer. let's look at this another way. you can see in the forecast starting with conditions in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. noon mid to upper 50s and by the afternoon hour temperatures going up into the 60s for the interior valleys with sunshine returning. sunny here for friday and also saturday. temperatures warming up into the low and mid 70s for this first weekend of spring. and eventually in that seven day forecast we will be tracking rain. oh, by the way with the latest storm four to seven inches of sierra snow up here at kirkwood. we haven't had a lot the ski resorts are doing what they can to keep up with the snowfall. you can track for forecast anytime at it is officially spring and that could be bad news for allergy sufferrors.
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why this allergy season will have you sneezing a lot. the tsa embroiled in controversy. the connection to an incident involving a marine. the voters at the gop is now courting a new policy.
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the man suspected of killing a 77-year-old newspaper vendor will not be charged. prosecutors say although they believe he was violently slammed into the pavement they don't have enough evidence to make a murder charge stick. he is still in custody on unrelated charges. the investigation is on going and the d.a.'s office says he could be charged at a later date. governor brown's prison realignment plan is facing criticism. republican lawmakers have proposed a package of bills to counter it. they say it threatens public safety. it would send more convicts back
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to prison. the prison realignment took effect 18 months ago. just when it looks like democrats had the latino vote to themselves republicans may have a challenge. republicans and latinos had not had an alliance at all. >> until now it has been bleak to put it kindly and here is why. latinos represent 38% of the population in california. 28% of the electorate in the last year. 80% of latinos in california supported barack obama and other democratic candidates last year. that is the most lop sided turnout on record. so simply put no group was as helpful to the democrats in 2012 as latinos. >> republicans have been doing a
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lot of talk about quoting latinos. >> first soul searching and then action maybe. we say that finally because republicans have been discussing this lost opportunity since 2008 only to see only a worse outcome in 2012. now republicans are organizing to get back some of that vote. in california republicans have created something called grow elect. it is a new political action committee dedicated to identifying and cultivating latino candidates ranging from school board elections to maral campaigns. >> and the republicans are hoping for? >> to get back in theic politic game. just last week helped elect three latinos, races that were small, city council types. for the three winners it is the
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first time to experience support from the republican party. look for this group, grow elect to take on a more prominent role next year. if they do the democrats might find themselves with reenergized competition. spanning generations. still ahead here at six, the role grandfathers may play in determining your child's autism risk. should you have to tell your boss how much you weigh? and i'm janelle wang. president obama and israel show a united front speaking of pressing issues. the latest in world tonight.
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criticized for the policy on homosexuals and criticized for its survey the boy scouts of
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america raising more eyebrows. >> the organization is asking members about allowing gays into the scouts. nbc bay area is live at the san jose office. i understand you tried to get an explanation. >> reporter: this office behind me is not answering questions and is referring us to the corporate head quarters. i did get the survey from one parent here and she said it defeats the purpose of collecting feedback. you will often see him walking into city hall, a leadership role he attribiates to his years as a boy scout. >> it is a tremendous opportunity for boys that recommend anyone having the opportunity to do. >> reporter: gonzalez is gay, a secret he kept from the scouts and is president of a political action group. we showed him the survey about
6:28 pm
the scouts gay policy being sent to scout families and alumni. one reads a gay male troop leader along with another adult leader is taking a group of boys on a camping trip, is it acceptable or unacceptable for the gay adult leader to take adolescent boys on an overnight camping trip? >> a gay leader absolutely can lead a group of kids. the question talking about going away on a camping trip could possibly be used to instill fear where it is really not the case. >> reporter: we showed the survey to a parent whose child will be of scouting age soon. >> i can see how the questions seem loaded. >> reporter: the boy scouts encourages people to log on to its website to learn more about the process. the scouts said bsa authorized its commits, representative of
6:29 pm
scouting's members to further engage representatives of scouting's membership and listen to their perspectives and concerns. we are currently in the listening phase where the bsa's committees engage key stakeholders for input and develop a summary report. part of the process is to survey a variety of key stakeholders. >> i'm not sure if the survey is attempting to do that. >> reporter: gonzalez hopes other children don't have to hide who they really are to get the quality leadership training the boy scouts offer. and you can get all 13 questions of the survey on our website, live in san jose, nbc bay area news. a sign of unity after a tennious relationship between president obama and israeli leaders. the two make nice with president obama and israel professing their undying support for each other. was it just for show? janelle wang is here with our world tonight.
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>> when president obama took a picture with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife he said she is a rose between two thorns. today they appeared cozier than ever. both leaders unified all day and holding several joint news conferences. agreeing frequently especially on iran's controversial nuclear program. president obama said if diplomacy fails using force is possible. >> all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> i am absolutely convinced that the president is determined to prevent iran from getting nucle nuclear weapons. >> reporter: a different scene in the west bank where angry protests ahead of the visit tomorrow where he will meet with
6:31 pm
palestinian president. upset he hasn't done more to protect them. palestinians and israelis have little hope the president's visit will restart mid east peace talks. syria a big topic. president obama said the u.s. is still investigating the report that chemical weapons were used in yesterday's attack in aleppo that killed 25. at this time the president says he is deeply skeptical. he did add if either side of the syrian war does use chemical weapons it would be a quote game changes. cyprus is looking towards russia for a life line. the island country is asking for a huge low interest loan. cyprus searching for another solution after the parliament rejected plan a yesterday, raise money by taxing up to 10% of people's savings accounts. cyprus needs $20 billion to avoid bankruptcy and the country needs to raise $7 billion of it
6:32 pm
on its own in order to secure another $13 billion from them. thank you. new tonight at 6:00. five former elected officials in the southern california city of bell have been convicted of multiple counts of misappropriating public funds. the scandal broke out in 2010 when it was revealed that the small city's mayor and several council members were using public money to pay themselves exceptionally inflated salaries. it nearly bankrupted the city. the city manager collected a salary of $800,000. one in four bell residents lives below the poverty line. landmark gun control legislation signed in colorado a state with a long history of viance including columbine and
6:33 pm
the theater shooting. it limits the capacity of ammunition magazines to 12 bullets. before the bills were signed colorado's department of corrections executive director was gunned down as he answered the door at his home. police are on the hunt for the suspect. the tsa is doing damage control orphan airport screener was accused of mistreating a handicap veteran. he lost his legs in afghanistan. he and other veterans were at the phoenix airport when a witness claims he was humiliated by a tsa screener. congressman of san diego county has written to the tsa chief complaining he had to remove his prosthetic leg and stand in pain while his wheelchair was examined. tsa says it is investigating the situation adding that security
6:34 pm
video showed there was no removal of prosthetic limbs. still ahead tonight here at 6:00. the tonight show takeover. why the show may be making a big switch and not just the host. reveal your weight or face a fine. one company's idea generating a lot of controversy. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. after a quarter to a half inch of rainfall the storm is moving to the south but fog is beginning to roll in. here is a sneak peek of the thursday forecast. i will have details coming up in a few minutes.
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the age of your father when he had kids may be a factor in
6:37 pm
determining whether your child will have autism. a new swedish study found men who had kids when they were 50 or older were more likely to have a kid with grand child. if an older father had a daughter he was 79% more likely to have a grand child with autism. if he had a son he was 67% more likely to have a grand child with the disorder. another study shows one in 50 school-aged children was diagnosed last year. that number has risen significantly in the last five years. doctors say allergy sufferers are in for what could be one of the most difficult in years. grass allergies are the most common and can produce pollen well into june. doctors say they are seeing a spike of patients coming in during the past two weeks.
6:38 pm
your first strategy should be minimizing your exposure to pollen. >> if you need to be outdoors then i would recommend after coming in washing your hair or changing your clothes. if you are outside try to limit the amount of time that you are outside and be careful of the early morning and late afternoon. >> the dry weather we had earlier this month is contributing to the early release of grass pollen. to make things worse wind can spread grass pollen for several miles. a local egg farmer is joining the fight against hunger. the egg ranch donated more than 30,000 eggs in santa clara. the food bank sends fresh eggs are a prized commodity. >> protein is often hard to come by. it is expensive. and it is an important part of a nutritious diet. getting this amount of eggs is really helpful because it means
6:39 pm
we can get more quality protein out into the community. >> this is the sixth consecutive easter season the egg ranch and other egg producers participated in a nationwide program. >> very generous of them. the pollen is here but the rain is gone. >> it is. we have egg sellant forecast coming our way. we have a few breaks in the clouds and the fog is here. we will track that for you into tomorrow morning and will have details into how warm it will get this weekend coming up. it is that time of year. march madness is upon us and the cal bears are feeling pretty comfortable. the reason thanks in part to a certain building here in the bay area. we have a live report next in sports. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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a preschool once again is open after child abuse allegations temporarily shut it down. center point christian preschool finished teacher training. allegations surfaced last week that a teacher at the school had tied up a 2-year-old girl with tape when that girl refused to take a nap. that teacher was fired. does your employer have the right to know how much you weigh? >> retail pharmacy giant cvs thinks you should. it is using the threat of a fine to find out. cheryl hurd has the bay area reaction to a story that is surprising a lot of employees across the country. >> for the employees to save them $50. i don't know if i can do it. i don't know. >> reporter: it is a new employee penalty that has a lot of people talking. >> it seems like a lot to be
6:43 pm
asking someone's weight to get health coverage. >> reporter: they are talking about the new policy from the cvs pharmacy. employees must reveal how much they weigh, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol or pay a penalty. the company says it will not see any of the results and just wants employees to think critically about their health. >> i think it is a good thing that people start looking a at their health and taking things seriously. >> reporter: cvs did not provide an on camera interview but did release a statement saying we want to help our employees to be as healthy as they can be which is why we decided to implement this plan. in fact, we have been working for a number of years on ways they can improve their health through preventative measures. peter is a san francisco attorney who specializes in privacy issues for employees. he says the policy could can lead to problems.
6:44 pm
>> the fact that the employer is not requiring disclosure may render the program lawful. there are arguments an employee can make that the program invades their privacy. >> reporter: it is really nothing new. according to a recent survey, 79% of ployers offered an incentive program like this in 2011. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. don't ask because i'm not telling. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri who is going to tell us our forecast. >> never ask a woman her weight. >> that's right. >> satellite radar picture has the storm pushing to the south. we have clearing in the upper levels. we are also noting plenty of fog for toonlt. 24 hour rainfall totals. .66 in the north bay. san francisco at .13. we are continually adding to san francisco's totals because on
6:45 pm
the radar we are noting areas of drizzle that are developing from about palo alto northward to san francisco and back for oakland. while it is clearing out in the south bay, drastically different conditions on the northern peninsula. let's get a look on the live camera network. we have breaks in the clouds. a little bit of sunshine trying to peek out this afternoon and also early evening. and then off to the north, yes, the san francisco skyline is completely shrouded in the cloud cover. it is going to take you one step closer. there is even rain drops on the lens there in downtown san francisco at this hour completely fogged in. also in san jose there is a little bit of sunshine. back to the weather boards for tonight you can see throughout the next 48 hours we have that subtropical moisture and the cold front pushing off to the south. all of this clearing out here is eventually going to result in yes some warmerer weather coming our way. slightly drier winds will help with high pressure building off
6:46 pm
shore and warmer air aloft to bump temperatures up about five to ten degrees from what we experienced today. not expecting beach weather. 50s and 60s at the coast line. a little breezy. and then as we mentioned into friday the 70s start to come back for the interior valleys. for tomorrow morning the thing of note is while we do have the fog with the marine layer in san francisco right now we are going to watch out for ground fog down in the south bay. our computer models are picking up on it in san jose. it is not much but our computer is tripping the models at least this much is an indication that some of the ground fog may form. it will push out by about 9:00 a.m. towards the afternoon expansive sunshine coming back. for the morning hours colder temperatures hoping to squeeze out and evaporate some of the moisture. 38 in santa rosa. 39 in napa. some of the coldest weather we have seen in several days here.
6:47 pm
39 in concord. 46 in san jose. daytime highs on thursday will be topping out slightly warmer with the increased sunshine by the afternoon. 67 in san jose. 62 in santa cruz. east bay mid 60s here for livermore. and 62 in almeida. san francisco with 62. a little warmer in santa rosa with 67 and cooler for the coast line. on your three day forecast we have sunshine here by friday and 70 and note the low 70s inland. it will stay cooler at the coast line with low 60s. we will stay with the dry trend through monday. tuesday and wednesday of next week we do expect more showers, not a large storm, forecast models not agreeing on this one either but at best another round of about a quarter inch of rainfall. if we can get one system a week
6:48 pm
for the next ten to 12 weeks we might get close to catching up. >> we can certainly use it. we are ready for the madness. did you get your office pool ready? tomorrow the ncaa tournament begins. eight schools are in the san jose regional. how about this? today's practices were open to the public and free. as for tomorrow local bars will be opening at 9:00 a.m. >> it will be wall to wall. it will be great looking at past years we anticipate doing a couple more thousand people a day for the next four days in a row. >> 9:00 a.m. wow. the games start early all across the country including in san jose. four games at the hp pavilion tomorrow beginning at 11:00 a.m. cal takes on unlv in san jose tomorrow afternoon. henry, raj says he is going to set me up with my own
6:49 pm
bracket. i am going to have to call you and you are going to have to help me. >> i will help you. did raj say that the bars opent at 9:00 in the morning? >> he did. >> i apologize if i slur my words tomorrow. i will be all right. basketball fans there is no reason to be mad because march madness has arrived. get ready for dunks, buzzer beaters and upsets. san jose is the place to be. cal will take on number five seed unlv tomorrow. scott reiss is very happy to cover this event and he joins us to preview the shootout between the bears and running rebels. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes for cal. here they are 46 miles from campus getting set for a round of 64 game. last year they were in the ncaa tournament. they were barely a blip on the radar going all the way to
6:50 pm
dayton and getting bounced before a lot of fans had filled out their brackets. they got drilled 65-54. cal had just 25 points with nine minutes to go in the game. as they get set for a more traditional first round game don't think they have forgotten last year's experience. >> i think everybody's pretty aware that we were not prepared mentally. i think they were disappointed. we played for the conference championship and didn't win it. we were roith there for the conference championship and then we get the play in game. i think mentally we were not prepared for that. >> we are still conscious about what that feeling felt like last year in that locker room, especially with that loss. you don't want to send any teammate out like that. we are very conscious of putting out our best effort and being motivated to keep wanting to
6:51 pm
play every game like it is our last. >> reporter: as for cal's keys to victory coach montgomery told me they have to get after it on the boards. unlv outrebounded the bears by ten in december. true to their name the running rebels like to get up and down the court so coach montgomery says we have got to contain their transition game. scott reiss, nbc bay area news. >> great job, scott. looking forward to the game. sanlt mary's had a great time last night. they whipped middle tennessee state 67-54. matthew had 22 points and six rebounds. they don't have time to catch their breath. they travel from ohio to michigan where they will face memphis tomorrow. >> really good guards. i think that the thing that's hardest to scout on them is they can just steal the ball.
6:52 pm
they are a pressure defensively. they get steals and it is hard to guard. it starts with that. you have to take care of the ball against their pressure, so to speak. >> there is a new man in town determined to help the 49ers win a super bowl. the niners introduced anquan boldin today, the former raven just won a super bowl ring. he is moving on and getting on the same page with colin kaepernick. >> i had a chance to talk with him. i am excited to get to work with him. he is a smart guy, very athletic. and for me hopefully i can help him to grow as a quarterback. when i got back i got in touch with him and tried to figure out when we can get together and start working on our teamship. >> that will do it for sports right now. plenty of highlights coming up. warriors on the court against the spurs and the sharks are taking on the edmonton oilers. big night tonight.
6:53 pm
>> was that the same anquan boldin that helped beat the 49ers in the super bowl? >> that's the same one. don't bring that up, though. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage you can watch sportsnet central tonight at 10:30.
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[ man mission accomplished. tonight at 11:00, strengthening. bart will get set for a construction project. we will tell you what crews will be doing and how that work could impact riders.
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the "new york times" quotes nbc senior executive saying jimmy fallon will be taking over for leno as host. the other big news is that fallin will do the show from new york where it began back in 1964. johnny carson moved the show to los angeles. nbc will only confirm it is building a new studio for fallon at 30 rock. >> jimmy fallon is funny. thanks for watching here at 6:00. hopefully you have a great eveni evening. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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>> now on "extra" -- jenny mccarthy takes on the giant rumor she is going to theview. >> are you or aren't you taking over from joy? >> this is an scompr -- "extra, extra!" from me. >> lindsey vonn comes back to haunt her. before their hook-up, how she talks about his cheating. lindsay lohan, her best and worst. now trending new clues to katy perry's split from john meyer. was it jealousy? >> the high school senior begging kate to be hit date. >> give him credit, he went for it. >> will she accept his proposal? we have her answer. then "the bible" producers mark burnett and roma downey fire back, the uproar as some say satan resembles obama. plus the stars with a huge crush on jesus. >> i'm speaking of the actor, of course.
6:59 pm
>> music's biggest, the new interview with clive clive on his war of words with kelly clarkson. >> kelly and my relationship has been incredibly successful. >> plus -- >> are you going to take a drive with me. >> "extra's" day in the life with usher backstage with the newly revamped "the voice." >> "extra, extra!". >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. coming up is jenny mccarthy replacing joy on "the view"? first, lindsey vonn dissing tiger before they hooked up. we have got it and why she regrets what she said. >> it may be the joke lindsey vonn wishes she never cracked about tiger woods. vonn blasting woods during his infamous scandal saying you're awesome, go have that sex. >> i have to be careful what i say. >> that was lindsey vonn then at the 2010 vancouver olympics days after making the comments to "time magazine" telling "extra" she wished she hadn't said anything.

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